Vocational Services

Three photos of people learning to use technology and to interview for a job

The Lighthouse provides a variety of vocational services to assist participants with job placement, job readiness, jobsite analysis to determine needed training and accommodations, as well as job specific training. 

Job Readiness Services 

The purpose of Job Readiness Services is to help individuals gain the skills necessary to be successful in the workforce. Classes are offered to cover a broad range of topics in the area of pre-employment skills and strategies. Job Readiness class addresses a broad range of topics, including;
⦁    Attitudes
⦁    Goal Setting
⦁    Cover Letters
⦁    Resume Writing
⦁    Job Search Techniques
⦁    Interviewing Skills
⦁    Communication Skills
⦁    Employment Strategies
⦁    Positive Work Habits
⦁    Customer Service Skills
⦁    Telephone Skills
⦁    Management Styles
⦁    Discussing Your Disability

Jobsite Analysis and Job Specific Training

We provide jobsite analysis to determine needed accommodations, modifications, and training needs for a variety of employment settings. If specific training is needed for employment, our instructors customize training to meet individual goals while working with participants and employers.