Vision Screenings

Photo of a vision screening device, a young boy getting a vision screening and a group of volunteers at the Science Museum who do vision screenings

The Lighthouse conducts free vision screenings for toddlers and children 6 months to 5 years of age at local preschools, daycare facilities, and community events. Children who are not treated early in life can develop permanent vision loss that can’t be corrected later in childhood or as adults. Catching a visual impairment early makes a world of difference. Even young children and babies can have eye problems that can and should be corrected. Children don’t know if what they see is typical or atypical. Many babies over the age of 6 months have refractive errors that are not caught until they get tested using an eye chart at their third birthday.  This could be caught much earlier and allow the child to see clearly from infancy. What can take minutes to complete, can change their lives forever. Early detection and treatment is so important.  Do not delay!

This is not a comprehensive eye exam; however, the screening can detect these issues that you, your child, or their teachers may not notice:

  • Near-sightedness (Myopia)
  • Far-sightedness (Hyperopia)
  • Unequal refractive power (Anisometropia)
  • Eye misalignment (Strabismus)
  • Pupil size deviations (Anisocoria)
  • Blurred vision, eye structure problems (Astigmatism)

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