Transition for Teens Program


The Transition Program is for youth ages 14 through High School graduation. This program is focused on career exploration, work experiences, college preparation, and independent living skills.

Year-round activities and field trips are planned to continue developing the skills necessary to become productive members of the work force. Participants explore various careers while building social interactions and relationships with the other participants.

The Transition Program at the Lighthouse provides:

  • Summer program
  • Twice monthly group instructional events focused on the Expanded Core Curriculum  (ECC) areas 
  • Monthly home visits to help participants generalize their skills to their homes and meet their individual needs 
  • Year round events and field trips to help further their social relationships and job/community exploration


The Transition Program curriculum is centered on fun and exploration while working on the following transition goals and objectives:

  • Career Exploration and Experiences
  • Employment and Job Readiness Skills
  • Social Interaction
  • Community Integration
  • Recreation and Leisure
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Orientation & Mobility
  • Assistive Technology & Keyboarding

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