Blind Babies Early Intervention Program


Lighthouse for the Blind of the Palm Beaches provides comprehensive developmental services for babies who are blind or visually impaired from birth to age five. Babies who are blind or visually impaired do not learn about their world in the same way as a sighted child. Many hours of work with babies and education of parents and caregivers is necessary to understand how these babies learn and to start preparing them for their future. If services are not provided, this lost opportunity can cost the child dearly in the future.

The Lighthouse offers this service to fill the gap, helping to nurture the child’s development and teach the parents and caregivers what to expect. Most importantly, when families connect with the Blind Babies Program at the Lighthouse, they are establishing a relationship that will provide services and support for their child through adulthood. The Blind Babies Program creates a seamless continuum of services at the Lighthouse that is critical to the support, development and enrichment of the individual through all stages of life.

Early Intervention Services Include:

  • Parent-child early intervention in the natural environment consisting of at least 60 minutes per week educating the parent on critical skills for their child

  • Adaptive toys and therapeutic equipment to stimulate learning and sensory development

  • Vision stimulation and exercises to foster the child’s full visual potential

  • Orientation and mobility specialist who fosters early mobility skills for motor development

  • Advocacy

  • Events with all-aged children and their families for socialization

Other Children's Services: