Adjustment to Blindness Counseling

A woman sitting on a couch, another woman assisting a blind client and another woman helping another woman

Adjusting to vision loss can be challenging for anyone. Even with the best support and resources, it is natural to experience depression, anxiety, concerns and stress in response to major life changes. Support groups and counseling services are offered for adjustment to blindness issues. If issues beyond the scope of vision loss arise, we may make referrals and recommendations for counseling services outside of the Lighthouse.

“New Visions” Support Group

The “New Visions” support group is available to help individuals learn coping skills to help them adjust to their vision loss. This group is structured, but also individualized, to meet client needs and goals. Clients have the opportunity to:

  1. Receive and give emotional support and encouragement.
  2. Gain information for living well with vision loss.
  3. Practice new skills related to emotions, communication, lifestyle, and goals.

The group meets weekly for eight sessions. Once a new group begins, it is closed to new members until the start of the next group. Confidentiality is emphasized.

“INSIGHT” Discussion Group

The Lighthouse offers a discussion group at various locations for registered clients. Members have the opportunity to discuss and explore topics related to their adjustment to vision loss.

Topics include fear, stress, support, effective communication, reaction, acceptance, social success and more.

Individual Counseling

For those who prefer a one-on-one approach, rather than a group setting, individual counseling for adjustment to blindness is available.