Accessibility Resources

Thank you for your interest in wanting to improve the accessibility of your digital space! While the Lighthouse for the Blind of the Palm Beaches does not provide accessibility remediation services at this time, we commend your desire to improve accessibility. Our mission is “to assist persons with visual impairments to develop their capabilities to the fullest and to utilize them in the pursuits of life which are the right and privilege of all.” Our training services focus on skills for people who are visually impaired or blind to obtain needed skills to be independent. We have compiled a list of resources that we hope will be helpful for you as you explore best practices for accessibility and agencies that provide different accessibility related services. This list is in no particular order and in no way is a statement that the Lighthouse for the Blind of the Palm Beaches endorses any of these agencies or services.


Here are some resources for training on accessibility, companies that provide document remediation and Web accessibility services, as well as software to help with the creation of accessible digital content. - Improve Internet Accessibility


Tampa Lighthouse for the Blind Accessibility Solutions


CommonLook (Software to help make PDF’s accessible, training, and accessibility remediation services)


AccessibilityOz Services and Software


Equidox by Onix and Digital Accessibility Services


Viscardi Center Document Accessibility Remediation Services


International Association of Accessibility Professionals


Karlen Communications (She has training courses and provides accessible PDF information and document remediation services)


Some other helpful links relating to Web accessibility and digital content accessibility are listed below:


International Association of Accessibility Professionals


How to Meet WCAG 2.0 Quick Reference


Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Overview


10 Easy Accessibility Tips Anyone Can Use


WebAIM Word Accessibility Techniques


Articles for accessibility laws from the USA - WebAIM


Link accessibility tutorial from WebAIM


Adobe Accessibility Training Resources 


Adobe Accessibility General Information 


PDF Accessibility from WebAIM 


Colour Contrast Analyser - Free tool to check color contrast


WebAIM tutorial for fonts


WAVE accessibility checker (This is an automated tool and should not be used without further investigation, and human verification to ensure that a website is accessible).


Book by Karlen McCall for PDF accessibility. Here is the link:
Accessible and Usable PDF Documents: Techniques for Document Authors, Fourth Edition (Purchase Link for the Book)


Microsoft Office 2016 Accessibility link from Karen McCall